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2013 Exhibitions


Interpretations of Self: 
Annual Member’s Exhibition

November 22– December 20, 2013

Reception: Friday, Nov 22, 5-8:00pm

Artwork of Rogue Gallery members is on display in this exhibit that explores the artists’ interpretation of self.

The annual Member’s exhibition features work by Rogue Gallery and Art Center members and is always one of the most popular of the year. The Rogue Gallery has had a long history of supporting local and regional artists. This exhibit gives each Rogue Gallery member an opportunity to exhibit one piece of their work on the central theme of “Interpretations of Self”. Over 60 artists are participating in this non-juried exhibit. Artists’ submitted work that they feel represents them in some way. For many this is a self-portrait, while others explored this interpretation with symbolic subjects such as an activity or a personal area of interest. Other artists explored the theme in a purely abstract expression. The exhibit includes watercolors, acrylic, and oil paintings as well as sculptures and pastel drawings.

“The Rogue Gallery has many members who are wonderfully talented artists,” said Executive Director Kim Hearon. “With so much creative talent, it is exciting to see how each artist has developed the theme. Some artists created works on a very personal level and others approached it with a sense of humor.”

Bruce Allen, Charles Anderson, Rita Ashley, Janice Barnes Webb, Rachel Barrett, Betty Barss, Judy Buswell, Sue Bennett, Pat Blair, Janet Bocast, Linda Boutacoff, Colette Brockie, Susan Eileen Burnes, Katy Cauker, Carol Cochran, Cammy Davis, Susan DeRosa, Ann DiSalvo, Nicki Dollard, Linda Elesiya Evans, Dee Evers, Michael Fansler, Catie Faryl, Kim Faucher, Brooke Nuckles Gentekos, Kelly Gratton, Gayle Gray, Barbara Budge Griffin, Carla Griffin, Georganna Happel, Kim Hearon, Anna Hinkle, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Marilyn Hurst, Zelpha Hutton, Janus Innes, Jennifer Ivey, Fred Jenkins, Jean Mailander, Claudia C. Marchini, Kate Marrocco, Denise Marshall, Anna May, Vera Melnyk, Dianne Mihocko, Jo-Ann Pearce, Cecilia Pestlin, Charlotte Peterson, Anita R. Savio, Leona Keene Sewitsky, June Shepard, Allen Smith, Lo Smucker, Gayla Snow, Irene Stephens, Dorothy Swain, D. Zeno Thanes, Cathy Thompson, Silvia Trujillo, Eva Thiemann, Judy Benson LaNier, Ron Sipress, Cherri Van Syoc, Daniel Verner, Meri Walker, Eve Margo Withrow.

Sponsored by: Rogue Gallery & Art Center Founder’s Circle

Hear Cammy Davis' "Minute of Art" about this upcoming show.

A Canopy of Briars:
Susan Applegate

October 11 – November 15, 2013

Reception: Friday, October 18, 5–8:00pm

Paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor by Oregon artist Susan Applegate reflect her personal mission to remove the encroaching blackberry brambles from her ranch in Yoncalla, Oregon. These lively paintings reveal both the beauty of the plant’s fruit and her humorous struggle with conquering the thorny vines.

Upon returning to her family’s ranch in Yoncalla, Oregon, Susan Applegate began a quest to restore a once beautiful oak grove on the property. For many years the grove had been overgrown with blackberry brambles. Her quest became an ongoing obsession of conquering the blackberries. Using this struggle for her inspiration, she created the paintings that comprise the exhibit: “A Canopy of Briars”. Her work includes beautiful renditions of blackberry bushes and charming animals that surround the plants. They also include humorous portrayals of her battle with what she calls the “blackberry goddess”. The exhibit also displays examples of Susan’s large landscapes. “While many of Susan’s paintings will make you laugh, her landscapes will amaze you with their lush dreamlike quality,” says executive director Kim Hearon.

Susan Applegate graduated with a degree in Art Education from the University of Oregon. Her art career includes work as an art teacher, a book illustrator, a muralist, and a painter. She has exhibited throughout the northwest. Her murals can be viewed in Roseburg and Eugene. She resides on her family’s ranch in Yoncalla, Oregon.

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In the Rogue Gallery’s Community Gallery the works of Gayla Snow will be on display through the month of October. Gayla has a unique approach to creating her art. All her artwork is comprised of candy wrappers. By gluing overlapping candy wrappers she develops bright, bold colors and patterns. “Brilliant colors of chocolate foil candy wrappers remind me of the stained glass windows I saw as a child. Ordinary candy wrappers, usually crumpled, torn and discarded by most are elevated to prominence and stature...” states Gayla. Her work includes 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional pieces.

“Gayla’s work is completely unique. It is lively and fun for all ages,” says executive director Kim Hearon.



In the Berryman Gallery, located at the Craterian Theater, now until the end of November we are featuring the art work of local plein air artist Silvia Trujillo. Trujillo has a history in fashion design, and has over 20 years of experience in fine art study, painting, and teaching. She is a master colorist, emphasizing color relationships and works in both impressionistic and realistic styles. Being influenced by post-impressionists and modernist landscape painters like Tom Thomson and Wayne Theibaud her work is bold, lively, and visually stimulating. Silvia's love of the natural world takes her into the realms of landscape, portraiture, animals, and botanicals.






Hidden In Plain Sight

Aug. 23 – Oct. 3

Reception: Friday, September 20, 5–8:00pm

This exhibition of photography from the Southern Oregon Photographers’ Forum (SOPF) explores the often overlooked items in daily life. The work includes views of familiar scenes and objects that are captured in unfamiliar ways revealing an unusual, mysterious world.

Exhibiting members include Lewis Anderson, Kate Geary, Tom Glassman, Barbara Kackley, Leonard H. Lea, Bobbi Murphy, Diana Standing, Darcie Sternenberg, David Lorenz Winston, Matt Witt, and Julie Young.

Formed in December 2006, the Southern Oregon Photographers’ Forum is a photographic forum of 20 accomplished Rogue Valley artists, 11 of whom will be represented in this exhibit. Included among these SOPF Members are nationally recognized artists that have been featured in both national and international magazines. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and private collections around the world.

The Hidden in Plain Sight exhibit presents photographic images of majestic landscapes, common objects, and familiar scenery. By focusing on shapes, colors, textures, reflections, and unusual perspectives, the artists are able to present beautiful and at times perplexing works. A quote from the Southern Oregon Photographers’ Forum explains it well “With this exhibit, whether it’s exploring the natural world, home surroundings, a small town scene, or even something as ordinary as a city street, the familiar can suddenly become magical and mysterious. Who would have thought that something as simple as a photograph with a fresh perspective would have the power to stop us, or move us, or simply make us think and feel?”

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Tao Duo:
Tamae Frame & 
Annette Gurdjian

July 12 – August 16, 2013

Reception: Friday, July 19, 5–8:00pm

Oregon artists Tamae Frame and Annette Gurdjian display artistic interpretations of interpersonal, spiritual experiences. Tamae Frame’s figurative ceramic sculpture embodies the peaceful and timeless nature of inner calm.  Annette Gurdjian’s mixed media works combine photography and painting to depict haunting narratives inspired by her personal experiences.     

The Tao Duo: Tamae Frame and Annette Gurdjian exhibit contrasts two artists who explore deeply personal and spiritual experiences. Working from the base upward, Tamae uses slab-built techniques in constructing her 17 ceramic figurative sculptures. Drawing inspiration from ancient Indian Hindu sculptures, Mesoamerican clay figures, and Japanese Buddhist statues, she seeks to create the subtle impressions of inner life. Annette combines photography with oil painting in the 22 paintings on display. Glimpses of photographic images among the texture of paint create haunting dreamlike images. She works intuitively reflecting on strong influences in her life including her Armenian heritage. Frequently she depicts human conflict and struggles, the beauty and pain existence. 

Tame Frame was born and raised in Japan. She studied fashion drawings and watercolor painting at the Setsu Mode Seminar in Japan. In 1992 she came to American to study at the Penland Scholl of crafts in North Carolina. A successful jewelry artist, she decided to change artistic mediums and began sculpting in clay in 2004. Her work displays the human figure in a fluid, sensuous, and spiritual state. She resides in Gresham, Oregon.

Annette Gurdjian graduated with a BFA in Visual design (Photography) from University of Oregon. She has been awarded the Oregon Arts Commission Visual Arts Fellowship grant on two occasions. Annette has exhibited throughout the northwest. Her paintings create strong images of inner struggles and conflict. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

This exhibit is sponsored by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center Board of Directors.





June 27 – July 6, 2013

The Rogue Gallery presents works from the Estate of Eugene Bennett. Specially selected paintings and assemblages will be on display and available for purchase. Proceeds from the sale of artwork will go to the Rogue Gallery & Art Center Endowment and the Oregon Community Foundation.

Click HERE for more photos of Eugene Bennett's paintings on the Mail Tribune website.

Eugene Bennett was a founding member of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center and a lifetime supporter. Eugene Bennett was born in Central Point in 1921. An accomplished pianist, he studied music at the University of Oregon before joining the US Navy in 1943. When he returned home, he decided to pursue his other passion, painting. He graduated in 1954 with a masters degree from the Art Institute of Chicago. Returning to his beloved Southern Oregon in the late 1950s, Mr. Bennett along with three other local artists began the Rogue Valley Art Association (now known as the Rogue Gallery & Art Center). His work has been shown at the Brooklyn Museum, New York City Museum of Modern Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Art. Mr. Bennett was a featured artist on the television show Oregon Art Beat in 2001. In 2002 he was honored with the Governor's Arts Award for work that has "significantly contributed to the growth and development of Oregon's cultural life."

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Learn more about Eugene Bennett at a free noon lecture at local libraries

Jackson County Library Services is proud to announce “Peter Britt to Eugene Bennett:The Remarkable Similarities of Artists 100 Years Apart” as the next topic in the 2013 “Windows in Time” history series offered in partnership with the Southern Oregon Historical Society. Lectures are at noon on Wednesday, July 3, at the Medford Branch Library, 205 South Central Avenue, and Wednesday, July 10, at the Ashland Branch Library, 410 Siskiyou Boulevard.Pat Harper, Library Manager for the Southern Oregon Historical Society, maintains the Peter Britt collection and is currently cataloging the Eugene Bennett collection, given to the Society after Bennett’s death in 2010. This talk will be illustrated with photos taken by Peter Britt and Eugene Bennett, and images of paintings by both artists. Ms. Harper will also discuss Britt and Bennett’s varied talents and their contributions to life in Jacksonville.The monthly “Windows in Time” lectures are offered free to the public. The free lunchtime lecture occurs monthly on the first and second Wednesdays throughout the year from 12 noon to 1 p.m. For more information on the “Windows in Time” series, please call Jackson County Library Services at 541-774-6996 or 541-774-8689 or the Southern Oregon Historical Society at 541-899-8123 or visit




Glass Act: Art In Bloom Invitational
May 10–June 21, 2013

Reception: Friday, May 17, 5:00– 8:00pm

Art In Bloom Saturday, May 11, 10am–4pm and 
Sunday, May 12, 11am–4pm

Light and color dance and play, casting reflections as the viewer moves around works of art created from glass. In the current exhibit at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, the seductive medium of glass is exhibited in a variety of mediums by 4 very talented local artists. Glass Act, the latest Main Gallery art exhibition, presents giant hand-blown grape cluster sculptural installations, nature and spirituality-inspired stained glass, colorful kiln-cast forms, and landscapes in layered glass.

Glass Act features Rogue Valley glass artists Evie Ault, Darla Baack, Mike Korpa, and Randall Perkins. The exhibition opens Friday, May 10th at 10:00 AM and will be open all day Saturday and Sunday, May 11-12th during Art In Bloom. A special artists’ reception open to the public and free of charge will take place May 17th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM during Metro Medford’s Third Friday. All are welcome to see the exhibition during these special events and during the Rogue Gallery & Art Center’s open hours, Tuesdays- Fridays from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 11:00 – 3:00PM. Randall Perkins will be offering a special artist’s tour on Saturday, May 11th at 3:00PM.

Evie Ault creates her one of a kind glass sculptures and forms through kiln formed glass techniques, or fusing. Using complex patterns and bold, opaque color combinations, Evie’s artwork reflects her joy in the journey into what is achievable with glass.

Darla Baack , a stained-glass artist, says of her work, “An abstract piece based on the natural world requires the viewer to be an active participant who not only considers the work but is also willing to patiently become a part of it, accepting the rhythms of nature and the pace of the soul.”

Mike Korpa creates landscapes in melted layers of glass, working in sheet glass with various sized frits (small grains of colored glass), forming individual pieces by lampworking (firing the piece with a torch).

Randall Perkins has been blowing glass since 1970 and is inspired by his wife’s gardens and the ever changing landscape. As an artist, Randall relies on repeatable shapes to build scale and form for each hand-blown glass sculptural installation.

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All new work in the members gallery.

Saturday, April 27, over 30 member artists each brought in three pieces of their original art work. That same evening a group of independant judges examined their work. It is now up and we are so proud of the quality and variety of work our member artists!

Thank you! to all the artists who shared their work with us, the judges who volunteered to do the difficult task of selecting the work, and our wonderful volunteers who hung the work.

The artists:

Colette Agresti-Brockie, Kelly Gratton, LC Barnes, Linda Boutacoff, Katy Cauker, Cammy Davis, Deborah Dawson, Susan DeRosa, Linda Evans, Robert Ficarra, Cynthia Flowers, Brooke Nuckles Gentekos, Gayle Gray, Claudia Harlow, Marilyn Hurst, Jennifer Ivey, Judi Johnston, Kate Marrocco, Mabrie Ormes, Jerry Simon, Alice Stambaugh, Irene Stephens, William F. Storm, Cherri Van Syoc, Meri Walker, Kalyn Wangle, Eve Margo Withrow

Medias includes acrylic,collage, graphite, ink, mixed media, oil, pastel, pencil,
photography, and watercolor. Click HERE for artist's images and websites

Work on view to October.




Rogue Gallery & Art Center's 2013 Artist Teen Mentoring Project
April 19–May 3, 2013

Reception, Friday, April 19, 5:00–8:00pm

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center is pleased to present artwork byinspired local fifth graders and very talented teen artists this month! The Community Gallery is filled with over 100, colorful, mixed-media “Chromarrific” paintings created by three fifth grade classes from Jackson and Kennedy Elementary Schools as part of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center’s Elementary Arts Outreach program. Opening during Medford’s Third Friday on April 19th, and on display from April 19th through May 3rd is the Artist Teen Mentoring Project exhibit which will feature a variety of inspirational art by teens and their professional artist mentors.

The Artist Teen Mentoring Project (ATMP), now in its eighth year at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, offers local teens a realistic look at the life of a professional artist. Eleven aspiring teenaged artists have the opportunity to work with one of six established artists to create art in a variety of materials and styles, including drawing, oil and watercolor painting, printmaking, photography, and more. Teens go through a rigorous application process in the fall including interviews, portfolio reviews and each teen must submit a written essay and have letters of recommendation. From over 30 applicants, only 11 outstanding teens were selected for the 2013 ATMP program. Teens then spend over 30 hours with their mentors making art and preparing their work for display. This exhibition, presented in the Rogue Gallery & Art Center’s Main Gallery, is the culmination of the project which displays creative work by both teens and mentoring artists. This 2013 ATMP exhibition is made possible through sponsorship by Rogue Disposal and Recycling and runs from April 19th through May 3rd, with a free reception on Friday, April 19th, from 5-8pm.

“The Artist Teen Mentoring Project is a life-changing experience for both the teens and the mentors. Teens are given the opportunity to see how to thrive as a successful artist through the eyes of their mentors learning process and techniques and also preparing their art for professional presentation in an esteemed gallery space. I’d like to invite the entire community to come support these students in their first gallery art exhibit!” Education Director Brooke Nuckles Gentekos.

ATMP 2013 Participants

Medium: Drawing/ Illustration
Mentor: Ann DiSalvo
Teen: Nicholaus Carrero (Phoenix High School)

Medium: Oil Painting
Mentor: Silvia Trujillo
Students: Gabe Epperson (Phoenix High School) and Jodie LaRayne Smith (Eagle Point High School)

Medium: Photography
Mentor: Mary Wilkins-Kelly
Teens: Monica Camargo (South Medford High School) and Katie Guisler (South Medford High School)

Medium: Printmaking
Mentor: Nancy Jo Mullen
Teen: Haylee Steadman (South Medford High School)

Medium: Sculpture/ Printmaking
Mentor: Amy Godard Navickas
Teens: Jessica Bowers (Eagle Point High School) and Kaylee Prislac (Crater Renaissance Academy)

Medium: Sequential Art (Cartoon/Comics)
Mentor: Ted Helard
Teens: Ariel Statchwick (North Medford High School) , Luis Barajas (Crater Renaissance Academy) and Melora Mylin Williams (Crater Renaissance Academy)


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On display the entire month of April in the Community Gallery are works of art created by students from Jackson and Kennedy Elementary Schools’ 5th grade classes—participants in the Rogue Gallery & Art Center’s Elementary Art Outreach Program. Elementary Arts Outreach offers visual arts instruction to the fifth graders, monthly, from October through April, including two field trips to the Rogue Gallery & Art Center. Fifth graders learn foundational art skills and practice observational drawing, color theory, and study contemporary and historic artists and art styles. The Elementary Arts Outreach program is generously supported by the Oregon Community Foundation Walker Fund, the Anna May Family Foundation, and the generous support of individual donors.

Main Gallery

Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water

March 8–April 12, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013 5:00–8:00pm 
during Medford’s 3rd Fridays

Elizabeth Bamberger, Catherine Beard, Diane Born, Christina Brown, Bonnie Bucknam, Lynda Christiansen, Gerrie Congdon, Mary Goodson, Terry Grant, Carol Heist, Laura Jaszkowski, Karen Miller, Maarje Paris, and Emily Stevens are the members of the Northwest-based fiber artists’ group, High Fiber Diet. They are presenting textile works ranging from mighty vistas to intensely abstract visions inspired by the four elements in nature. This show
focuses on textile art drawing on the tradition of quilting while using it as a contemporary
springboard. Most works include painting, beading, stamping, stenciling and fabric dyeing
as a form of surface embellishment.

Figuratively Speaking

January 18–March 1, 2013

Reception: Friday January 18 5:00-8:00 pm

Since ancient times, humans have created artwork depicting the human figure. The oldest known work of art is a female figure, estimated to have been carved from stone over 25,000 years ago. Artists today are still inspired by the human form, and artwork by nine local artists will be on display in the Main Gallery at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center from January 18th – March 1st.

As the first Main Gallery exhibit of 2013, Rogue Valley artists Kevin Christman, Keith Johnson, Inger Nova Jorgensen, Katharine Gracey, Janet Higgins, Denise Souza Finney, Christie Michelle Stewart, Karen Staal, and Daniel Verner present painting, mixed-media, and sculpture depicting the human figure in innovative ways. The exhibition opens Friday, January 18th at 10:00 AM with an opening reception open to the public and free of charge that evening from 5:00 – 8:00 PM during Medford’s Third Fridays.

Each artist addresses the human figure and places them in a context beyond simply realistic depiction of the human form. Please be advised: the Figuratively Speaking exhibition contains paintings and sculptures that depict nudity.

Kevin Christman’s sculpture and wall hangings depict the human figure “as an allegory for biological and spiritual inward movement,” he states. Born in Saint Cloud, Minnesota and moving to Los Angeles at the age of twenty, Christman worked for Northrop Corporation and MacDonnell Douglas Aerospace as a research and development engineer before studying Fine Art at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. After apprenticing with various artists in Los Angeles and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kevin moved to Ashland, Oregon and now works from his studio in Talent.

Keith Johnson creates mixed media paintings and drawings from his Jacksonville studio and says, “My paintings are born of the world around me and through some mysterious journey, are transformed into images caught in time onto canvas or paper.” Johnson is represented by galleries in Oregon and London and his artwork has been seen throughout the United States and Europe. He studied Advertising Art and Industrial Design and earned a MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Printmaking and Painting. His paintings are the results of letting go and allowing the art to develop its own life and its own voice.

Inger Nova Jorgensen paints the human figure on canvas and says, “The paintings depict the transparent state, where we allow our true selves to stand and wholeness to emerge. If we can connect in this way with ourselves and others, we may be able to gain a deeper understanding where peace can grow, having the potential extend into communities, and to the world.” Jorgensen has a degree in Fine Art from Humboldt State University and owned Bohemia Gallery in Ashland. She currently paints and sculpts at Talent Studios and is inspired by her musical endeavors as well as recent trips to paint during International Painters Week in Domburg, Netherlands.

Katharine Gracey explores the figure with whimsical oil paintings that, “take the viewer into a surreal space that is inspired by the European lifestyle,” she says. Raised in the Midwest, Katharine started painting at an early age, absorbing the peaceful farm life of the Great Lakes. After earning an art degree from the University of Wisconsin, she pursued painting as her main focus, specializing in watercolor, acrylic and oils. She lives and paints in Jacksonville.

Janet Higgins presents sculpture with saturated color and she says, “My work is often figurative, an influence from my ballet days, and tends to express my sense of humor.” Originally from the Bay Area in California, Janet and her family have lived in Grants Pass for 19 years. She has a degree in Fine Art from UC Berkeley and lived in Hong Kong with her husband and 3 children for 9 years. She is a partner in a local arts group, AMBUS, and teaches sculpture at Rogue Community College.

Denise Souza Finney paints the human figure with an emphasis on gesture. Souza Finney states, “I prefer to show the gesture of a pose and have more interest in the qualities of the paint and what it brings to the gesture. I strive for simplicity in my work and a relationship of color combined with a sense of movement that will create a strong emotional picture.” She lives in Ashland with her family, is a practicing yogi, and paints in her studio, a converted 100 year old barn surrounded by gardens.

Christie Michele Stewart is a classically trained artist whose finely crafted paintings merge the natural beauty of life with qualities of dream and narrative. After studying at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, she moved to Chicago to continue her studies at the Ravenswood Atelier, and then settled in Oregon. Her artwork has been seen in galleries in Chicago, Oregon, and Connecticut and San Antonio, Texas.

Karen Staal specializes in oil paintings of the human figure. While her portrayals are somewhat realistic, she states of her paintings, “They are more than realistic. My goal is not to depict people exactly as they are, but to interpret them by creating new harmonies with line, shape, and color.” Staal holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and also earned a degree from the Kendall School of Design. She studied painting at American University, Ridgewood Art Academy, and Southern Oregon University.

Daniel Verner presents paintings that are post-modern and of a representational narrative style. He states of his process, “Art transforms the artist. The experience of creating art exposes our essence, giving birth to a new consciousness. That revealing event leaves us with an even greater essence.” His work evokes a response or conversation with the viewer. He is self-taught and works from his studio in Ashland.

This exhibit is sponsored and curated by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center. All exhibitions are open to the public and offered free of charge. The Rogue Gallery & Art Center offers a variety of exhibition opportunities for local and regional artists. For more information, please visit or stop by in person during open hours.

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