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2016 Annual Members’ Exhibition

November 18 – December 21

Reception: Friday, November 18, 5:00-8:00 pm

In the 2016 Rogue Gallery Annual Members’ Exhibition, over sixty artists interpret the theme of Icons. Artist created artwork that includes historical personalities, religious symbols, famous geographical locations, mythological ideas, or whimsical subjects.

The Annual Members’ Exhibition features work by Rogue Gallery and Art Center members and is always one of the most popular of the year. The Rogue Gallery has had a long history of supporting local and regional artists. This exhibit gives each Rogue Gallery member an opportunity to exhibit one piece of their work on the central theme of “Icons”. Over 70 artists are participating in this non-juried exhibit. Artists’ submitted artwork that reflects their personal interpretation of the theme. The exhibit includes watercolors, acrylic, and oil paintings as well as sculptures, photography, and pastels.

Participating artists:

Charles Anderson, Virginia Andrade, Rachel Barrett, Betty Barss, Bruce Bayard, Linda Boutacoff, Robert Broadway, Susan Eileen Burnes, Christina Cannon, Katy Cauker, Cheryl Cook, Valerie Dann, Sally Davies, Ann Di Salvo, Doug Farrell, Linda Elesiya Evans, Joyce Feigner, Debby Fisher, Cynthia Flowers, Dorothy Furlong-Gardner, Lori Garfield, Greg Gentry, Tom Glassman, Carla Griffin, Phyllis Gustafson, Bette Haberlach, Claudia Harlow, Nomeca Hartwell, Pam Haunschild, Mary Hoskins, Charity Hubbard, Howard Hunt, Marilyn Hurst, Zelpha Hutton, Janus Innes, Jennifer Ivey, Michael Jewett, Paul Jorizzo, Joan Kennedy, Judy Benson LaNier, Christina Madden, Jean Mailander, Dave Mathewson, Anna May, Vivian McAleavey, Vera Melnyk, Vera Melnyk, Kathy Morawiec, Richard Newman, Rochelle Newman, Judy Ghetti Ommen, Tom Ommen, Dottie Palamara, Susan Palmer, Cecilia Pestlin, Patrick Ryan, George Shively, Allen Smith, Lo Smucker, Karen Staal, Therese Stefanson, Margaret Stermer-Cox, Eva Thiemann, Cherri Van Syoc, Daniel Verner, Doug Wallace, Tracy Wangle, Margaret Warren, Marilyn Westgerdes, Charlotte Wirfs, Walter Wirfs, Eve Margo Withrow



Laurie Brown: Paper Designs

November 26–December 21, 2016

Reception: December 16, 5:00-8:00 pm

Grants Pass artist Laurie Brown creates lively compositions from
hand-toned, rolled spools of paper.

Brown Laurie In Anticipation of the First (detail)




Nancy Jo Mullen 
& Susan Zimmerman

Sept. 30 – Nov. 11, 2016

Reception: Friday, October 21, 5–8pm

Nancy Jo Mullen and Susan Zimmerman are sisters who share creative expression as the touchstone of their lives. This exhibit is a visual dialog affirming their experience as artists. Their undertaking kindles a meaningful respite in viewers as we navigate an unsteady world.

The exhibit includes abstract artwork in monotypes, collages, and drawings. Each of the artists has works they solely created as well as artwork that they collaborated and created together. Their connection as sisters is evident in the similarities of their work. Both artists express strong abstract form, texture, and style. The artwork is elegant with subdued colors and sublime structure.

Longtime Rogue Valley resident, Nancy Jo Mullen, holds a Masters of Fine Art in Printmaking from the University of Oregon. She was a featured artist in Public Broadcasting’s program Oregon Art Beat. Ms. Mullen has strong connections to the Rogue Gallery & Art Center where she has served as a board member and as executive director. Susan Zimmerman studied art at Skidmore College in New York, California State University, Los Angeles, and Fireworks Center for Textile Arts in California. She resides in New Mexico.


Sponsored by: John and Carol Walker


Oil Paintings by Charity Hubbard

October 21–November 18, 2016

Reception: Friday, October 21, 5–8pm


Charity Hubbard, SEATTLE PUBLIC MARKET (detail), oil

Charity Hubbard’s fine art oil paintings of people, landscapes and architecture captures life as it happens, blending traditional painting techniques with a feeling of spontaneity.

Using a palette of warm rich colors and loose brushstrokes, Charity Hubbard creates luminescence paintings reminiscent of the painters from the Romantic era. Charity Hubbard completed a one year program at Pacific College of Art and studied for two years with nationally renowned artist Semyon Bilmes. She has received numerous awards and is a member of the Upper Rogue Artists’ Society.She is inspired by the masters including John Singer Sargent, Alma Tadema, Maxfield Parish, and Monet and also by current artists such as Clark Hulings, Jim Wodark, Richard Schmid, and Michael Dudash. She resides in Medford.



Fiber Art by Nancy Pagani

September 16 – October 14, 2016

Reception: Friday, September 16, 5–8pm

Using a variety of fiber art techniques and little nuggets of physics knowledge, Ashland artist Nancy Pagani explores planets, moons, and meteors.

Local artist Nancy Pagani creates works in fiber on the theme of outer space. Images inspired by planets, moons, quarks, black holes, and meteors are sewn into her quilted fiber works. Nancy has worked with fabric since she was a child, and her passion for creating with fabric includes surface design, quilting, and weaving. Commercial fabrics as well as fabrics that she has dyed and painted are incorporated into the artwork. Her fiber works are playful, lively, and colorful.

Nanc y Pagani, BOLEROS, fiber



James Deeb, Justin Diggle, and Jud Turner 


August 5 – Sept. 16, 2016

Reception: Friday, August 19, 5–8pm

This exhibit features Illinois painter James Deeb, Utah printmaker Justin Diggle, and Eugene sculptor Jud Turner. Inspired by German Expressionism, James Deeb’s thickly textured oil paintings provide a darksatirical commentary on everyday life.

Jud Turner, BARTHOLOMEW THE RHINO, sculpture

Modern society’s pervasive use of surveillance is the central theme of the hauntingly stark black and white etchings of Justin Diggle. Jud Turner uses found objects, welded steel, and re-purposed items to create eerily beautiful assemblage sculptures which reflect the exhilarations and anxieties of industrialized society.

Oregon artist, Jud Turner has been working with found or repurposed objects and welded steel for over 20 years. His work has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions and is in public and private collections around the world including Ripley’s Believe it or Not, the Boston Museum of Science, and the University of Oregon. Turner's sculptures are visually engaging, using symmetry, repetition and intricate detail to balance the darker contemporary themes he explores such as the balance between nature and technology, mortality, the passage of time, and transportation. He resides in Eugene, OR.

James Deeb received an MFA from Western Michigan University in 1994. His paintings are darkly humorous and melancholy. He finds inspiration from artists Philip Guston and James Ensor the philosophical works of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Justin Diggle currently teaches at the University of Utah. He holds a B.A. in Fine Art from Bristol Polytechnic, UK and an M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University. He has exhibited national and internationally. His work is based around the theme of Surveillance and contains a series of etchings and several laser engraved screen-prints.



Paint ings by Alx Fox

August 12 – September 9, 2016

Reception: Friday, August 19, 5–8pm

On view are abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings by regional artist Alx Fox. The artist uses strong brushwork and bold colors to create emotionally expressive and breathtaking paintings.

Regional artist Alx Fox masterly creates abstract paintings with amazing use of color, movement, and line. Her expression of color in the exhibit is full and varied and includes works in strong warm reds, oranges, and yellows as well as more muted works in grays, soft blues, and gentle pinks. Alx Fox studied photography, art history and design at Barat College, in Lake Forest, Ill. ShewasPresident of the Southern Oregon Society ofArtists from January 2012 through 2014. Her work is in private collections worldwide and has been showcased in many national shows. She conducts workshops throughout the United States.


Alx Fox, DEFIANCE, acrylic




Abstract Expressionism:

Celebrating 70 years of Throwing Paint


July 8 - Aug. 4, 2016

Reception Date: July 15, 5:00-8:00 pm

The Rogue Gallery is celebrating the 70th anniversary of American Abstract Expressionism with an exhibit in the Community Gallery, a birthday celebration reception, abstract expressionism classes, and documentary films.

This Rogue Gallery artist members’ exhibit celebrates the revolutionary mid-twentieth century art movement known as Abstract Expressionism.

Participating artists:

Barbara Eshoo, MOVIN' ON, mixed media

Rachel Barrett, Sandra Cronin Bartell, Betsy Beyer, Robert Bosworth, Linda Boutacoff, Robert Broadway, Ashley E. Clasby, Dawna Curler, Valerie Dann, Cammy Davis, Barbara Eshoo, Linda Elesiya Evans, Kim Faucher, Susan Frank, Claudia Harlow, Kim Hearon, Matt Hearon, Tom Hearon, Anna Hinkle, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Marilyn Hurst, Janus Innes, Jennifer Ivey, Fred Jenkins, Kate Marrocco, Dave Mathewson, Anna May, Nancy Jo Mullen, Judy Ghetti Ommen, Tom Ommen, Allen Smith, Carole Uitvlugt, Cherri Van Syoc, Linda Wallace

Many of the featured artists are abstract artists, while several are known for their natural or traditional approach to artwork. Young emerging artists and experienced accomplished artists are included with ages ranging from as young as fourteen to artists in their eighties. The exhibit highlights many styles of abstract expressionism, including action art, color field painting, and drip art.

In 1946, art critic Robert Coates titled a group of artists’ works in America as Abstract Expressionism. It was the birth of a radically different art form. The Abstract Expressionist movement included artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Joan Mitchell. The impact of the movement was enormous, with the center of the art world moving from Europe to the United States, specifically to New York. The United States was the perfect birthplace for this movement of large-scale paintings, bold expressions, and rugged individualism. The movement’s impact and controversy continues to be a center of art discussions across America from small art centers to large museums.

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Studio Art Quilt Associates 

June 3 – July 29, 2016

Reception: Friday, June 17, 5–8pm

from left: Diane Born, WATERY ENIGMA; Gerrie Congdon, ODE TO A TREE; 
Judith Beaver, ON THE EDGE;
Karen Spencer, THIS WAY OR THAT; Laura Jaszkowski, ROLLING IN; 


This exciting fiber art show features thirty-three juried quilts from the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) of the Oregon Region. SAQA member artists use color, texture and motion to blend poetic expression into intricate cloth creations. SAQA began in 1989 to represent fiber artists and to further quilting as an art form.

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center is proud to host Studio Art Quilt Associates, Oregon Region. Members of SAQA create fiber works of exceptional quality and originality. The theme of this exhibit is to blend poetic verse into a fiber work and reference the poem, song or quotation that was the source of inspiration. Displayed works demonstrate the artists’ mastery of the fiber medium, as well as the inventive ways they interpret their poetic inspirations. The quilts include abstract geometric patterns, lyrical landscapes, and playful storytelling. Quilts vary from the  contemplative and meditative to others that are more playful and are energized with rhythmic movement. The addition of the poetic verse gives a greater depth and insight to the artwork.

Seventy Oregon members submitted work for this juried exhibit. Juror Patricia Clark, founder of Atelier 6000 Print Workshop in Bend, selected works which demonstrated not only the scope of artistic vision among Oregon’s SAQA members, but also the level of high achievement in the use of the medium.


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Melinda Whipplesmith Plank: 
State of Jefferson Impressions of Glacier

June 4 - June 30, 2016

Reception Date: June 17, 5:00-8:00 pm

Woodblock prints by Northern California artist, Melinda Whipplesmith Plank. The artist captures the natural beauty of the State of Jefferson in woodblocks featuring rich colors and textures together with energetic lines.

Melinda Whipplesmith Plank, SHASTA SUMMER, woodblock print

Melinda Whipplesmith Plank uses the traditional technique of woodblock relief print to create images of the wilderness of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Reimiscient of the travel guides of the 1940’s, these woodblock prints portray the rustic, rich beauty of the region. Her use of color creates depth and illuminates the work. Woodblock relief printingrequires the artist to carve images into the surface of a block of wood that is then inked for printing. The artist carves with the grain of the wood, frequently creating gouges and strong rough lines. Melinda’s carving into woodblocks recreates the texture of the bark of trees and the rugged wilderness. She describes printmaking as, “a medium which takes my ambition to perfect an image and laughs at me. It forces me to stretch; to simplify what I am trying to say, then twists it in directions which lead to delight, consternation, or dismay.”

Melinda Whipplesmith Plank has received awards as a printmaker. She has been an artist in residence at Lassen National Park and Glacier National Park. She resides in Etna, California.



Jonnel Covault, Julia Janeway, Randall Perkins

April 22 – May 26, 2016

Reception: Friday, May 20, 

This exhibit showcases the work of northwest artists Jonnel Covault, Julia Janeway, and Randall Perkins . All three artists find inspiration for their artwork in nature. Jonnel Covault’s linocuts express her lifelong love of the water and wildlife. Julia Janeway captures nature’s fleeting moments in her woodcut-inspired ceramics. Randall Perkins draws inspiration for his glasswork from the ever-changing landscape of his wife’s garden.

Jonnel Covault’s connection with nature is the inspiration for her black and white linocuts. Working as a commercial fisherman for 17 years in a remote village in Alaska, Jonnel developed a deep intimacy with her natural surroundings. Her images depict the woodlands, meadows, and waterways. She develops her prints using Japanese U and V gouges, a Dremel, and a sharp blade on linoleum. The process creates a texture reminiscent of Japanese woodcuts. Jonnel describes her work: “I am fascinated by the abstract qualities of light and weather on water. These images are meant to be visual reminders that chronicle a particular time and place. I am attempting to describe transient human connections to the natural environment.” Jonnel lives in Portland, Oregon.

Ashland artist, Julia Janeway captures the essence of nature in her hand-carved ceramic pieces. Her works include Northwest Native American inspired salmon as well as platters depicting various birds and flora. She begins her work with drawings and templates and then proceeds to carve into the ceramic piece creating playful and engaging images. Julia was introduced at an early age to ceramics by her mother who was a potter and an art teacher. Her own love for ceramics developed alongside her career as a professor of literature. She now seeks to connect the storytelling of literature with visual illustration in her ceramics.

Randall Perkins draws his inspiration for his glasswork from his wife’s garden. His hand blown pieces are alive with color, design, and movement. Glass fiddle ferns reach and stretch to the sky and deep purple orchids glow as if illuminated by the sun. Randall started working with glass in college as a chemistry student. After college, he traveled and worked with glass artists in Mexico City, Murano, Italy, Big Sur, California, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. His pieces are hand blown at the Gathering Glass Studio in Ashland. He resides in Medford.

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Second Glance: Photographs by Paul Jorizzo

April 29 – May 26, 2016

Reception: Friday, May 20, 5–8pm

Paul Jorizzo’s photographs explore unique views of architecture and landscapes from his many travels. His lush, hypnotic images introduce the viewer to unusual or memorable perspectives of his subject. Photos include his travels in Italy, France, Germany, and Spain. Paul lives in Ashland.


Sponsored by Ed and Marie Houck


Elementary Arts Outreach 
Student Show

April 8 – April 22, 2016

Reception: Friday, April 15, 5–8pm

Artwork by local 5th grade students in the Rogue Gallery’s outreach program.

This show is a culmination of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center's 2015-2016 Elementary Arts Outreach Program. This year the program expanded to include over 175 of Medford and Eagle Point’s fifth grade students from Jackson, Wilson, and Table Rock Elementary Schools.

This program provides students with the opportunity to learn foundational art techniques, vocabulary, art history, and art appreciation while creating the self-portrait acrylic paintings you see on display. In addition, the participating fifth graders study color theory, sculpture, and drawing techniques while referencing famous artists and art movements.

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2016 Teen Artist
Mentor Project

April 1– April 15, 2016

Reception: Friday, April 15, 5–8pm

This exhibition is a culmination of Rogue Gallery & Art Center’s annual Artist Teen Mentoring Project that pairs professional artists with Rogue Valley high school students for intensive study and interaction. On display is the creative work of both teens and mentoring artists, which includes photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and comic art.

Through the program, the students learn new techniques to use in their work, how to present their work in an exhibit, and gain insight to the life of a professional artist. Thirteen aspiring teenaged artists had the opportunity to work with one of six established artists to create art in a variety of media. Teens went through an application process last fall that included a portfolio review, a written essay, letters of recommendation, and an interview. Teens selected for the program spent over 20 hours with their mentors, learning and practicing techniques and preparing their work for display. Mentor artist include Jenny Calaba, Georganna Happel, Ted Heleard, Mary Wilkins Kelly, David Masters, and Nancy Jo Mullen.

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BITS AND PIECES: Mixed Media Collages of Arlene Warner 

March 4 – April 1, 2016

Reception: Friday, March 18, 5–8pm

This collection of mixed-media pieces presents various explorations into color, texture and atmosphere; images created and revealed through a layering of paint and paper. They are intimate pieces that overlap the past with the present using scraps from everyday life – pages from handwritten notebooks, packaging elements, book pages, stamps, maps and other ephemera. Arlene has been a professional graphic designer for over 30 years and a mixed media/collage artist for the past 5 years. Her design sensibility and aesthetic strongly influence her interpretive art pieces. Several of her works have been used by designers as part of commercial work.




Meditations on Daily Splendor
Sarah F Burns, Sarah Fagan, and Karen Rycheck

February 19 –March 25, 2016

The Rogue Gallery presents three local artists who express the contemplative and sublime in two-dimensional works. Sarah F. Burns beautifully depicts florals and still lifes in her traditionally rendered oil paintings. Ordinary objects are painted with reverence and precision in Sarah Fagan’s acrylic paintings. Karen Rycheck creates elegant abstract mosaics in organic slate.

Sarah F. Burns studied contemporary art at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland and academic realist drawing and painting at Ashland Academy of Art. She uses the process of traditional oil painting to create beautiful still lifes. Sarah F. Burns explains her work “I hope to create pieces that people want to live with in their daily lives. I am deeply inspired by artwork from the past, and I hope to pay it forward by creating objects of truth and beauty that will last for many, many generations.”

Sarah Fagan received a BA in Fine Arts and English Literature from Stonehill College near Boston, MA. She uses common objects within abstract compositions to instill atmospheric acrylic paintings. Sarah Fagan states of her work “I choose to paint, pair, and group objects that are universally recognizable: thus with the potential to hold deeply personal narrative or meaning for each viewer.”

Karen Rycheck has a BFA in sculpture from Webster University. She owns MissMsoaic which specializes in mosaics and ceramics. She uses slate, marble, and other organic materials in her mosaics. She describes her work “I create both representational and abstract art, and begin a work with a general concept, giving myself space to develop the piece as I’m interacting with it. Focusing on design, texture and color as my guides, I allow myself more room to play in my abstract work.”




January 15 – February 26, 2016

Reception: Friday, January 15, 5–8pm

The Rogue Gallery presents our final exhibit from the estate of Eugene Bennett. On display will be two dimensional artwork by Eugene Bennett and artwork he collected by other nationally known artists. All works will be available for purchase. Proceeds from the sale of artwork will go to the Rogue Gallery Endowment and the Oregon Community Foundation.

Sponsored by: James Anthony Harbison


Garry Kaulitz:
Bread and Circuses

January 9 – February 12, 2016

Reception: Friday, January 15, 5–8pm

The Rogue Gallery presents international artist Garry Kaulitz. On display are over thirty collagraphs prints. The artist will be present at his opening reception during the Medford Third Friday and is teaching a workshop on the collagraph process.

Garry Kaulitz has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has received several awards and has been an artist in residence in Argentina, China, Canada, Spain and the United States. His work is in the permanent collection of numerous museums including the Fine Art Academy of China and the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. He describes himself as a “practicing artist who specializes in the visions that dance in his head.” In this exhibit, Gary explores the collagraph technique, which is a printmaking process that incorporates collage materials to a rigid substrate that is then ran through a printing press. The results are prints depicting great depth and a variety of textures. He describes his work as “romps of fantasy and indulgence in process and product”. He also notes he does not pre-plan his work but allows it to “develop in an atmosphere of discovery rather than one of expectations”.

Garry Kaulitz will be teaching The Collagraph and Beyond in the Rogue Studio Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 16 and 17, 10am-3pm. Sign up HERE.

A reception for both exhibits will be held on Friday, January 15, 5:00 – 8:00 pm. Artist Garry Kaulitz will be present.



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