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STROKES OF LIGHT: Photographs by Kristen Beck, Rich Bergeman, Jim Curtis, Nomeca Hartwell & Paul Jorizzo

August 9– Sept. 20, 2019

Reception: Friday,  August 16, 5:30-8:00 pm


left to right: Kristen Beck, Heavens Above 1; Rich Bergeman, Woodland Meadow; Jim Curtis, White Boat; Nomeca Hartwell, Lake Selmac Moon, Stars, and Jupiter; Paul Jorizzo, Doorman

Northwest artists Kristen Beck, Rich Bergeman, Jim Curtis, Nomeca Hartwell, & Paul Jorizzo use cameras to explore their individual visions. This exhibit represents the diverse approach of photography in art. Images include mysterious landscapes, celestial night skies, abstract architecture, and people of foreign lands.

Kristen Beck has lived in the Rogue Valley for the past forty years. She loves taking pictures, capturing that blink in time. Her photography includes street photography, astrophotography to abandoned sites, landscapes and wildlife. She believes you can finds beauty in everything if you just look. Rich Bergeman has been creating photographic works for over thirty years. He has used all manner of cameras and processes including silver, platinum, and Polaroid to pinhole. He now works in the infrared spectrum. Jim Curtis has a BA in Art and Industrial art from California State University at Fresno. His inspiration in this exhibit is from the dock at Port Orford on the Oregon Coast. He seeks to presents abstract images that emerge from the chaffed, rusted hulls and rudders of the ships in the port. Nomeca Hartwell has worked with a camera for over sixty years. For twenty-eight years, she worked at the Fire Lookout in the Southwest District of Oregon. The remote location of the Fire Lookout gave her time to practice her photographic skills and experience wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Paul Jorizzo explores places that are less traveled. His images were taken in remote areas of Ethiopia, Bolivia, Vietnam, and Kiribati. Through his travels, he seeks to know more about the local peoples’ culture and their daily life. His experiences in these locations have reinforced his perceptions of the sincerity and generosity among the people who have a simpler way of living.




Scenes from the City:
Paintings by Desmond Serratore

August 30 – October 4, 2019

Reception: Friday, September 20, 5:30-8:00 pm


Desmond Serratore’s paintings walk the line between abstract impressions and concrete images. Using his experience as a commercial
artist and plein air painter, he brings an imaginative use of color, texture, and line to his work.

Desmond Serratore, Jacksonville, oil




The Annual Rogue Gallery Staff Exhibit

August 1- September 10

Artwork in this exhibit is by staff members of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center. This exhibit is the exploration by these artists of color and dreams.

Participiating artists include Rachel Barrett (Graphic Artist), Jenny Calaba (Gallery Coordinator), Monica Camargo (Program Assistant), Kim Hearon (Executive Director),and
Anna Hinkle (Gallery Assistant).

The Berryman Gallery is located upstairs at the Craterian Theater. You may visit the Berryman before the Craterian's performances; see their website dates at

Anna Hinkle, Landscape with Incoherence, acrylic and ink


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