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Berryman Gallery

Human Connection:
Karen Staal

Figurative Paintings
January 5–Febuary 16

Reception: Fri. Jan. 19, 5-8pm

American Perspectives,
Emerging Landscapes: Waterways
Les Cornish, Mike Dwaileebe, Amanda Houston, & Ellen Jerome

February 23March 30

Reception: Fri. March 16, 5-8pm

Artist Teen Mentor Project
Works by teens & artist mentors
April 6April 20

Reception: Fri. April 20, 5-8pm

Art in Bloom: Darla Baack,
Vera Melynk & Kathy Morawiec

Mosaics, Glass & Paintings
April 27June 1

Reception: Fri. May 18, 5-8pm

Heat Wave: High Fiber Diet Artists
Fiber Arts
June 8July 20

Reception: Fri. June 15, 5-8pm

Stories From Around The Ring Doug Anderson
Paintings & drawings
July 27September 7

Reception: Fri. August 17, 5-8pm

What is the Question:
Lewis Anderson &
Darcie Sterneberg

Sept. 14Nov. 2, 2018

Reception: Fri. Sept. 21, 5-8pm


Don’t Fence Me In:
2018 Annual Members’ Exhibition

Variety of styles and media
November 9December 21

Reception: Fri. Nov. 16, 5-8pm


Winter Rotation

January 19March 28
Reception: Jan. 19,
58 pm








Spring Rotation

May 4August 3
Reception: May 18

58 pm








Fall Rotation

August 17Dec. 20
Reception: August 17

58 pm



Rogue Impressions and Beyond: Paintings by Silvia Trujillo
January 6–February 2

Reception: Fri. Jan. 19, 5-8pm

A Celebration of the Northwest Vineyards:
Paintings by Val Dann

February 9March 9

Reception: Fri. Feb. 16, 5-8pm

Elementary Arts Outreach
Student Show

March 16March 31

Reception: March 16

Best of the Best:

Prize Winning Local
High School Artists
April 6April 20

Reception: Fri. April 20, 5-8pm

Seductive Pathways: Photographs by
Vivian McAleavey

May 4June 8

Reception: Fri. May 18, 5-8pm

Fauvism, Colors Gone Wild
Annual Art Movement Tribute

June 15July 13

Reception: Fri. June. 15, 5-8pm

Sanctuary: Ceramics by Julia Janeway
July 20August 24

Reception: Fri. July 20, 5-8pm

A Liberating Spirit: Mulitmedia Works by Judith Ommen
August 31September 28

Reception: Fri. Sept. 21, 5-8pm

Southern Oregon Impressions: Pastels by Marilyn Hurst

October 5November 16

Reception: Fri. Oct. 19, 5-8pm

Awake, Dreaming in the Garden: Woodcuts & Screenprints by
Amy Godard

November 23–January 11, 2019

Reception: Dec. 21, 5-8pm




Images From Africa: Photographs by Judy Benson LaNier

February 9 – April 3





Arlene Warner Collected Stories:
Mixed Media Collage Paintings

April 7 - May 22




Triple Strands: Fiber Art of Charlotte Wirfs

May 31 - July 24





The Stage as Muse: Rogue Gallery Staff

August 2 - Sept. 11




Phyllis Earl: Paintings of Delight

Sept 20 - Oct 30



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