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August to December, 2020

Bruce Allen    
All Mine; acrylic; 16x20; $175 The Masquerade; acrylic; 16x20; $175  
Kristen Beck
The Take Off; photography; 18x24; $250 Hiding in Plain Sight; photography; 18x24; $250 Klamath Marsh Zen; photography; 18x24; $250
Brenda Mills Brannan
Echo; resin & acrylic; 10x10; $250 Social Distancing; acrylic; 16x16; $450 The Usual Crowd; acrylic; 16x16; $450

Erin Cam

  Underground Haircut; oil on panel; 8x10; $295

Valerie Dann

California Poppies; acrylic; 18x22; $175 Red Rogue Poppies; acrylic; 18x22; $175  
Nancy Darte
Finch Head In; oil; 15x15; $675

Grasshopper; oil; 24x24; $900

Phyllis Earls    
Granite Mountain Sunset; acrylic; 40x12; $450 Melting Sun; acrylic; 35x21; $475  
Cynthia Flowers
  Flowering Tree; acrylic; 11x12; $200  

Alx Fox

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
acrylic; 30x56; $1500
Spirit of Bamboo
mixed media; 24x18; $1100
The Calling
mixed media; 36x24; $1500
Becky Gay    
  Reflections Alaska Lake
encaustic hot wax; 12.5x10.5; $120

Tom Glassman

Mess-O-Trees; photography; 16x20; $225 Airport Rain Man; photography; 16x20; $225 Condiments; photography; 16x20; $225
Kelly Gratton    
American Class; paper collage; 18x38; $300 Intermission; paper collage; 18x38; $300 City Slickers; paper collage; 18x38; $275

Claire Harkins

Up the Down Staircase; oil; 18x24; $525 Coffee Bar Aboard Ship; oil; 18x24; $425  
Claudia Harlow
  Whispering Petals; photography; 16x20; $150  

Anna Hinkle

Lost Material; monoprint with collage; 11x14; $125 The Rejected Babble; monoprint; 11x14; $125 Mind in Variation; monoprint with collage; 11x14; $125

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Nature Retreat 1; mixed media; 16x20; $425 Nature Retreat 2; mixed media; 16x20; $425 Nature Retreat 3; mixed media; 16x20; $425

Marilyn Hurst

Abstract Trees; mixed media; 11"x14"; $250 End of Summer; pastel; 18"x24"; $895 Captive Audience; pastel; 11"x14"; $400
Fred Jenkins    
After Monet; acrylic & pencil; 16x16; $100 Spectral Formation; acrylic & pencil; 24x22; $150 After Renoir; acrylic & pencil; 28x23; $200

Jenny Kahn

Lotería: New Orleans 1927; oil on canvas; 9x12; $450 In Aunt Evie's Room; mixed media on canvas; 11x14; $600 Requiem: New Orleans 1955; mixed media on wood; 12x12; $350
Judy Benson LaNier
  Lion's Tail; photo on canvas; 17.5x25.5; $350  

Jean Mailander

Railroad Crossing; oil; 9x12; $250 Back Road; oil; 9x12; $300 Pompadour Bluff; oil; 9x12; $250
Vivian McAleavey
Aspen Glow; enhanced photograph; 16x20; $175 Last Light; enhanced photograph; 14x17; $100  
Vera Melnyk    
Ocean Breeze; mosaic; 16x20; $495 Matrix; mosaic; 10x10; $150 Earth's Treasures; mosaic; 20x26; $695
Susan Murphey    
  Social Distancing; acrylic; 13x16; $120  
Cristolin Oswald
Worshippers; oil pastel; 11x14; $165 High Summer; oil pastel; 11x14; $165 Late Summer on the Monument; pastel; 14x20; $195

Carolyn Patten

  Colored by Myth; acrylic; 16x12; $225
Charlotte Peterson    
A Flower Is An Idea; watercolor; 25x31; $795 Iris of Gold; watercolor; 15x15; $300
Allan Rowell
Gladiolus Yellow; metal photo print; 20x30; $300 Gladiolus Pink; metal photo print; 20x24; $300 Agapanthus Blue; metal photo print; 24x20; $300

Michael Schnee

Low Rider; photography; 8x12; $175 Everything One Dollar; photography; 8x12; $175 The Great Entertainer; photography; 8x12; $175
Pam Shay    
John Day Painted Desert; watercolor; 8x12; $125 Forest Green; watercolor; 8x12; $125  
Doug Staples    
  Urban Jungle; watercolor; 15.5x12.5; $350  

Cindy Triplett

The Breakthrough Journey; watercolor; 38x30; $700 Tree Fern; watercolor; 25x21; $400 Light Attraction; watercolor; 18.5x24.5; $350
Zoë West    
Zoë West; Mirage; encaustic; 12x12; $300 Wild Fire; encaustic; 10x10; $200  

Jen Woodbury


Staycation: Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest

fused powder and sheet glass; 8x8; $75

Staycation: Oregon Coast Morning Tide Pools; fused powder and sheet glass; 9.5x10; $145 Staycation: Oregon Coast Sunset Tide Pools; fused glass; 9.5x13.5; $150


Opportunities for display at Rogue Gallery & Art Center.

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